Warehouses Need Mobile Carts; Sometimes Stationary Racks Don’t Measure Up – Here’s Why

Shelving and storage solutions in industrial or warehouse settings can be challenging to get right. Different warehouses will have different needs, depending on product types, logistics, inventory requirements, and more. When it comes to examining whether stationary shelving or mobile carts will better fit your warehouse’s needs, you’ll need to look at many different factors. 

At SPC Industrial™, we offer a variety of storage solutions, ranging from large, stationary DuraShelf® products to mobile, Modular-Kart products that are great for on-the-go solutions. We know that there’s no easy answer when it comes to outfitting storage solutions, but our team can help you figure out what’s best for you. We’ll dive into some considerations when deciding, as well as offer some ideas of when mobile carts are the way to go.

Weighing The Options

Maximizing efficiency in a warehouse or industrial setting is critical; if things run efficiently, the organization will be able to move products and operate with ease. When inefficient, organizations struggle, and employees can be put in danger. Figuring out the right solution for your business is not something that should be taken lightly. Here’s what to think about if you’re deciding between a mobile storage solution or a traditional, stationary approach.

Product Type

There are rules and requirements surrounding certain products on how high they can be stacked and how sturdy they are when being stored. If products can easily be stored at the heights many stationary shelves reach, then you may decide that a stationary solution is best. However, mobile storage solutions are usually shorter and can hold less weight. For items that cannot be stacked anyway, or don’t have strict weight requirements, mobile carts are a great solution. 

Movement Required

If the product under consideration is required to move often, consider mobile storage carts instead of stationary shelves. That way, your team can avoid doing excess lifting and simply wheel the products from one area to another. Be sure that the movement of products follows the safety regulations outlined by your organization. 

Floor Space

Stationary solutions can take up a lot of floor space, which is often the most sought-after commodity in industrial settings. Warehouses with limited floor space can use mobile carts, which can easily be moved out of the way when needed or stored in an area that doesn’t have much traffic and moved if that area needs to be used. Mobile solutions are often the answer to floor space challenges.

Mobility is a Game Changer

In certain situations, it’s a no-brainer to use mobile solutions instead of temporary ones. If you’re uncertain about when to opt for mobile storage options, below is a breakdown of some of the most common scenarios where they are used.

Enabling Mobile Work Spaces

One of our customers’ favorite aspects of mobile storage solutions is the fact that they can double as mobile workspaces. With a flat working surface on top of the cart, mobile solutions can provide storage and operational efficiency for your employees. By having all required materials in one place that can move around the warehouse with them, employees can navigate their jobs with ease and work more efficiently. 

Maximizing Storage Space

As mentioned above, if your warehouse is struggling to find enough space for everything, consider mobile storage solutions such as the Modular-Kart Solid Top, which can be easily moved out of the way when needed. This way, you can utilize unused walking spaces and aisles in a pinch, then simply move the carts when those areas are in use. Stationary solutions are permanent and often difficult to move, which can cause challenges in an ever-changing warehouse landscape.

Reducing Workplace Injuries

Employees who are required to lift heavy objects and transport them across a warehouse, face the risk of getting injured on the job. Not only are workplace injuries unfortunate for everyone involved, but even prior to injuries, fatigue and burnout can lead to low retention rates. Alleviating some of the stress of manual labor can help employees stay healthy, energized, and safe while they’re at work, which is always a worthwhile investment to make. 

Increase Productivity

Being able to move things easily and quickly or have a workplace with you on the go will lead to a more efficient warehouse. Not only will efficiency permit your team to process more throughout the day, but it will help make their jobs easier and more enjoyable. If efficiency is what you’re aiming for, mobile solutions are the answer. 

Invest in the Right Storage Solutions

No matter what storage solution best fits your needs, taking the time to invest in high-quality products will pay off in the long run. Poorly made storage solutions can lead to damaged products, injured employees, and costly accidents. By taking the time up front to figure out which solution works best for you, find the right product, and ensure proper installation, you will save your warehouse time and money.

SPC IndustrialHas You Covered

If you do decide that you need stationary storage options, consider checking out our DuraShelf® stationary products. Or, if you decide mobile solutions better fit your needs, we’ve got a long list of products that will get the job done. You’re in charge of your own warehouse, but whatever you decide, let us be a partner in ensuring you have the equipment you need to be successful. 

If you’re still not sure what solution to consider, give our team a call or visit our website today to get the information you need to make an informed decision. We look forward to working with you to create a warehouse environment that is effective, efficient, and most importantly, safe.