Capacities may vary and are contingent on the specific product you choose. Please consult your sales representative for more information on weight capacity.
Our display panels are made of recycled HDPE (high-density polyethylene), while the leg poles are made from virgin HDPE and ABS plastic.
Yes, for more information download the chemical resistance chart here.

While a rubber mallet may be helpful, no tools are required to assemble SPC Industrial products.

Yes, SPC Industrial provides a limited 90-day warranty for all standard parts.
No, SPC Industrial panels are not engineered to span an open pit for individuals to walk or stand on.
Grid-top panels have an open grid pattern to allow water, dirt, debris, and airflow to pass through panels. Solid-top panels have a closed surface top and do not have the grid pattern.
The grid openings vary from 1/2″ x 2″ to 1″ x 2″ depending on where they are located on the panel as well as panel size and type.
We do not recommend this because most paints will not successfully bond or adhere to the surface area of the legs or panels long term. Painting our products will require more upkeep and maintenance due to the possibility of scuff marks.
SPC panels have a UV inhibitor added to the plastic during production. Our panels are very durable, and most customers report little to no fading, even after years of exposure to sun, wind, rain, and snow.
Any common glass cleaner will work.
Yes. All SPC panels and legs are manufactured in the USA.


SPC Industrial will consider custom orders on a case-by-case basis, based on scope of work and production volume. Custom orders may be subject to special terms/conditions, pre-pay down payment, and production run minimums. Custom order inquiries should be discussed with a sales rep.
Yes. SPC offers a wide range of standard leg heights and can size leg heights to fit your specific needs upon request.
While black is our standard panel color, a custom color may be available for a sufficiently large quantity. Additional lead time and costs may apply for a custom-color production run.

Ordering + Shipping

LTL stands for “Less Than Truckload.” We use this type of service to ship items that are too large and/or too heavy to ship with UPS. We use UPS for smaller packages, as long as the packages meet the following parameters:
  1. Packages can be up to 150 lbs. (70 kg)
  2. Packages can be up to 165 inches (419 cm) in length and girth combined.
  3. Packages can be up to 108 inches (270 cm) in length.
  4. Packages with a large size-to-weight ratio require special pricing and dimensional weight calculations.
Lead time will vary depending on warehouse production levels. Typically, orders for in stock items are shipped in 3 to 5 days, and depend on product type and order size. Please call your sales rep for an accurate lead-time estimate.
Yes, our distributing partners ship worldwide. For a referral on a distributor who services your area, please contact one of our sales reps.
No. SPC Industrial offers a wide range of standard ergonomic and storage products that may be ordered directly from one of our distributor partners. For more information see Where To Buy.