Working with Us

When you work with SPC Industrial™, you’re our top priority. From the moment you contact us to the delivery of your purchase, our team will make you and your workplace needs the center of our attention. Let us help you make the most out of your experience by consulting with a member of our sales team.

We’ll collaborate with you to tailor our solutions to fit a multitude of industrial and commercial spaces and applications. Ensuring that you’re happy with your space and confident that they’ll help to create a safe, organized, and efficient workplace.

Together, We’ll Get It Right

We understand that your goals are specific to your environment. To meet those goals, we will work with you through several core steps:

CAD drawing of how SPC Industrial's products would work in a manufacturing facility.
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Define Project Scope

We’ll start every project with you – asking questions, uncovering potential challenges, and determining facility environmental factors. After we’ve studied the layout of your facility, identified your goals, and defined the scope of your project, we’ll progress to the design phase.

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Space Planning
and Design

Our team will create 3D mockup drawings of potential layout configurations, narrowing in on our most valuable recommendations. Then we’ll provide layouts and renderings for your review, refinement, and approval. We welcome and appreciate your honest feedback during this phase; it’s crucial to finding the best solution.

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Once you’ve finalized your design, we will coordinate with you and our distributing partners to finalize your order. After installation is complete, we will evaluate how well our product configurations fit your space and if they achieved the goals our team identified with you.