Meet both ergonomic and material handling needs with Dunnage-Rack™, a lightweight, heavy-duty all-plastic storage solution used to raise finished goods and raw materials off the ground and away from moisture, dirt, and traffic.

Our Dunnage-Rack offers the largest commercially available sizes in a high-capacity, low-cost dunnage solution that lets you reset and move workstations as often as you see fit. Plus, the grid-top design simplifies working with fluids and bagged goods because any spilled items will flow through the surface to the floor below. When it comes to cleanup time, just sweep underneath!

Our Mobile Dunnage-Rack™ is the long-term, low-cost solution that will help you increase your operational efficiencies. The heavy-duty steel-reinforced caster system makes it easy to move high capacity materials. These are an ideal addition to shipping, receiving, packaging and replenishment areas.

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