A Message from CJ: Work Platforms

Welcome to our product discussion series. Over the next couple of weeks, our National Account Manager CJ will offer an in-depth look at our ergonomic, material handling, and safety products, and perspective in choosing the right products to fit your needs.

First up we will take a deeper look into our work platform options. We offer two unique options to meet your ergonomic and safety needs: Add-A-Level™ and Poly-Riser™. Both products lift workers out of slippery solutions to position them to the best ergonomic height for doing their job effectively.


Add-A-Level panels can be stacked vertically to lift workers to the proper ergonomic height. You will start with a base unit at 2 ⅞ “ high and build up from there. Paired with rubber matting, this platform alleviates physical stress and protects individuals by providing a non-slip surface. 

“The flexibility of Add-A-Level is it’s greatest feature…”

CJ Jensen


Poly-Riser is the perfect solution to cover large surface areas. Panels are placed side by side and connected with clips for stability. Incorporate ramps around the perimeter of this platform to add an easy transition for mobile items. The material is very adaptable and can be cut with everyday tools to fit the panels around large stationary items. One of the best facets of Poly-Riser is the ability to switch out panels; instead of replacing an entire flooring solution due to damage.