Dunnage-Rack™ vs. Dunnage-Cube™

How Do You Dunnage?

Dunnage solutions are trusted products that keep bulk storage off the ground and away from dirt, dust, and moisture. Compared to standard wooden pallets, which have sent 30,000 individuals to the emergency room in the past five years, our all-plastic units are heavy-duty, won’t break down over time, and help reduce the risk of workplace injury while meeting ergonomic and material handling needs. 

Two of our favorite dunnage solutions for busy work environments are the Dunnage-Rack™ and the Dunnage-Cube™. So what are the differences between them? Why would you pick one over the other? 

Let’s Break it Down

Here are some of the main points to look at when choosing between Dunnage-Rack and Dunnage-Cube.


Dunnage-Rack and Dunnage-Cube are similar in material and functionality. For instance, both options are made of tough all-plastic HDPE to support heavy bulk items. One Dunnage-Cube can hold 250 lbs of weight, while the smallest (36”x16”) Grid Top Dunnage-Rack can withstand a weight of 340 lbs.

Their tough all-plastic material is also non-corrosive, chemical resistant, and UV protected, making them an optimal choice for indoor and outdoor storage. 


One of the main things to consider is your set-up time. How long do you want it to take? Dunnage-Rack requires minimal assembly, while Dunnage-Cube requires no assembly at all.  Both choices are modular designs that don’t require tools or extra equipment during the setup process. However, Dunnage-Rack will take a little longer to get set up. 


One main factor that separates these two options are how they differ in overall size and top styles. Dunnage-Rack is 12-inches tall and is available in sizes up to 96-inches in length and 36-inches in width. Dunnage-Cube is only 6-inches tall and is available in one size measuring at 24-inches by 12-inches. However, its cube-like design can be used as a building block to create a custom dunnage solution. 

When it comes to top styles, Dunnage-Rack offers the most options and is available in both grid or solid. In contrast, Dunnage-Cube is only available in a solid top that features quarter-inch deep groves. When considering which top style will work best for your situation, keep in mind that the grid top will allow dust and dirt to fall through to the ground below, while a solid top provides a smooth surface for easy movement of material on and off the rack.


Dunnage-Cube offers many benefits because you can manipulate the final result into many different solutions. Achieve this by attaching each cube side by side with clips or stacking vertically to fill unique areas. Think of tight spaces and corners that require a custom solution. Dunnage-Cube is also great to use in temporary settings because it’s easy and quick to assemble. Or meet ergonomic needs by stacking the blocks up to limit bending and reaching. This product is versatile enough to adapt as the job changes.

Dunnage-Rack also has its share of unique benefits. Compared to Dunnage-Cube, it is raised to give access to the ground below, making it an excellent choice for areas that require frequent floor access for cleaning and sanitation. This solution also offers a larger surface area for ample storage space. Besides general dunnage and bulk stacking needs, the Dunnage-Rack grid top can be utilized as a drying rack or power washing station. The HDPE material is not prone to mold and deterioration in moist environments, and the grid top design promotes air circulation.

Wrap Up

The solution that will work best for you will depend on what function your solution will serve. Dunnage-Rack may be the best option if you require a larger solution, want a choice in grid or solid top, or need access to the floor surface. On the other hand, Dunnage-Cube may be right for you if you are looking for a solution to fit unique and unusual spaces because it can be built into custom configurations of different sizes and shapes without requiring time to assemble. Whatever the choice, making a step towards dunnage is a step towards better facility maintenance, storage, and processes. To learn more about these products, shop our store.