The Ergonomic Benefits of Utilizing Individual Workstations

There are multiple ways to boost warehouse productivity and ensure your workers are operating at maximum efficiency, but one of the most effective ways to achieve these goals is to prioritize workplace ergonomics. Workplace ergonomics refers to solutions, products, and workspaces that help your employees achieve their daily tasks with ease, comfort, and efficiency. The tricky part about ergonomics is that there is no “one-size-fits-all.” Someone shorter may have different needs than their incredibly tall colleague with knee problems, but both of their needs are valid and should be addressed. Outfitting your employees with customized, individual workspaces will enable them to do their best work, stay energized, and feel cared for by their place of employment. Happy, comfortable, and safe employees are always worth the investment. If you still need some convincing, below are seven benefits of investing in individual workstations within your warehouse:

Enhances Personalization

Creating a space for your employees in the workplace that feels like their own will boost workplace morale and ensure employee satisfaction stays as high as possible. People spend more time at work than they do at home with their families, so allowing them a personal space to put up a couple of pictures and feel comfortable in will keep them coming back to work with zest for their job. Remember, what you invest in your teams will pay dividends for your business.

Increases Productivity

When a workstation is properly outfitted for each employee, they will all be more productive. Simply put, discomfort is distracting. If someone is experiencing back pain from a chair that doesn’t fit their body, they will have a more difficult time focusing on the tasks they have to get done than someone who is comfortable and pain-free.

Decreased Risk of Injury

Safety should be the #1 priority in any warehouse. Often, warehouse employees are tasked with physical, laborious jobs that require a lot from their bodies. Helping keep your team safe starts with ensuring they are in a physical condition that will allow them to do their job safely. With ergonomic workstations, employees can have access to all the equipment and tools they need to keep their bodies healthy, decreasing their risk of injury when they are doing their job. Workplace injuries are costly to businesses and workers alike, so spending a bit to reduce their occurrence is always worth it.

Higher Quality Work

When your employees feel good and have a workstation that addresses their individual needs, they will output better work. Not only will these workstations allow them to focus and be their most productive selves, but your employees will also take note of the care you’re showing them, and they’ll be more likely to show the same level of care in the work that they do for you.

Eliminates Workplace Hazards

Making someone reach, twist, or work at a workstation that doesn’t fit them properly is a workplace hazard. There are safe ways to work in a physically demanding job but keeping your employees from putting too much stress on their bodies can inadvertently keep other workers safe, too. If an employee strains their neck because they have to look up at a screen that isn’t fitted for them, then, later when they go to lift something heavy off the shelf, their pain could cause them to drop that item or even fall, creating a hazard for every employee near them at the time, as well as themselves.

Encourages Safety Procedures

Again, safety should be the #1 priority in any warehouse. Without safety, warehouses are doomed to fail. Safety procedures can be taught, and employees can undergo training, but it all starts at the top. Individual workstations illustrate to employees that their leaders are committed to workplace safety, and they should be too. Action is always more powerful than words, so take this opportunity to show your employees that you care about safety rather than tell them.

Better Functionality

Optimizing how things work in the warehouse doesn’t have to be overly complicated. With the right products for each employee at their workstation, you’ll experience better functionality throughout your warehouse. Many warehouses love products like moving workstations that offer ease and functionality all in one. Remember, small changes can make a big difference.

How SPC Industrial Can Help

At SPC Industrial™, we have solutions for your ergonomic needs. Finding the right products can be challenging at times, but with our products, embracing ergonomics in the warehouse has never been easier! Not only can our team help you find what your employees need, but we have worked with warehouses across many different industries to address a wide variety of challenges and individual ergonomic requirements. Some of our favorite products to get started with are:

Raised Flooring Options

When employees are required to stand for long hours, such as at a production line or even at their own workstations, raised flooring can help take pressure off of their knees and backs, leading to happier, healthier employees. Instead of standing on concrete ground or feeling like they have to reach more than necessary due to height differences, employees can use our raised flooring options.

We have two types of flooring options: Add-A-Level™ and Poly-Riser™. Both are made from heavy-duty plastic and built to last. These systems both assemble without any tools and can be easily modified, making them a perfect solution when you’re looking for customizable options for your employees. You can also add our 7/8” floor matt to help promote comfort and prevent fatigue.

Adjustable Workbenches

Workbenches that can be moved up and down are a wonderful investment for any warehouse. Even if you experience employee turnover, these pieces of equipment can be passed along to new employees and adjusted for their needs. Our adjustable workbenches can be set up in minutes, provide extra storage space on the bottom level, and are fully customizable.

Take Action Today

It’s never too early to promote ergonomics in your warehouse, but there is such a thing as waiting too long. Don’t wait for an injury or issue to arise before you take action. Talk to your employees about what they need to be more comfortable and successful in the warehouse and find the products to make it happen! SPC Industrial™ knows what it takes to promote a warehouse that is safe, efficient, and filled with happy employees, so come to us with all your ergonomic needs.