Update Decontamination Stations with Work-Bench™

The primary goal of the military decontamination process is to sanitize equipment and personnel as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our goal as industry professionals is to identify products that make your workflow easier. In the instance of decontamination, one product comes to mind that will improve work efficiency – Work-Bench™

Why do you need an SPC Work-Bench?

1. Serves as an area to set tools and equipment.

At the base level, Work-Bench is essentially a table. Having a home station to set items keeps workers hands-free, which is crucial because they are already wearing bulky suits and masks, making it more challenging to maneuver. Having a Work-Bench nearby makes tools easily accessible and keeps them up and away from potentially contaminated surfaces. 

2. They are easy to set up. 

Work-Bench supports the goal of being “quick and efficient” by allowing for quick setup and break-down. These tables are ideal for temporary operations because they can be easily assembled and disassembled without tools. Since they’re lightweight, this makes them perfect for transporting to temporary field offices. 

3. Tough composition.

These tables are made from the toughest chemical-resistant HDPE solution, making them perfect for areas where chemicals and hazards are present. If they do come in contact with these substances, they won’t deteriorate. (See our list of chemicals here.)

Work-Bench is also UV-resistant, so outdoor operations and areas where they’ll be in the sun all day will not cause warp or structure issues. Choose between grid or solid top panels to meet your operational needs. (See the differences between grid and solid panels here.)

We’ve compiled an entire group of products we think will improve your decontamination process. Click to see which products we consider “essential” for your decon station.