How To Create Social Distancing Workstations in a Warehouse

As we head back to work, normal processes that used to suffice will need to change. Employers must continue to explore ways to ensure safety, maintain productive processes, and remember that workplace safety goes beyond social distancing after a pandemic.

This is uncharted territory, and taking a look at the big picture can seem overwhelming at times. By breaking down sections of the workflow, one can determine that different areas of the operation will need different strategies. Let’s take a look at how to ensure social distancing measures in your production facilities, and how to tailor the solutions to each area accordingly.

Create Social Distance Buffers With Workstations

One of the biggest challenges is how to implement and maintain the 6 feet apart social distancing guideline. We’ve created a solution with Workbench™  and Raised DuraShelf® to address this challenge. When placed side by side, two tables equate to 6 feet of space offering the perfect social distancing buffer between workers. This gives the freedom to work productively while preserving the health and safety of the employees. 

These tables can be used as a social distancing buffer in many settings, such as throughout an assembly line, post-production, packaging stations, and more. Workers will feel confident that they’re abiding by social distancing guidelines while keeping productivity alive and well.

Production Line 

In the image above, smaller workstations are utilized at the assembly line allowing space for multiple stations throughout the operation. This solution allows workers distance, but room to work in and around the area. Grid panels allow debris to fall through to the floor, and plexiglass partitions are used in between tables to give employees another boundary. The space between the surface and the shelf below is smaller; keeping stored items at arms reach and out of the way. 

Post Production Workstations

In post-production applications, our larger workstations can be used to implement the 6 feet of space between workers in this option, and plexiglass partitions are shown as well. Solid top panels have a higher weight capacity than grid, making this the perfect place to set heavy items. The flat top is also the perfect writing surface and area to place small tools without them falling through. The space between the surface and the shelf below is larger; leaving ample room for large boxes and containers.

Let Workbench Work For You

There are many configurations and models available to tailor these solutions to your own social distancing plan. Discuss your social distance strategies by reaching out to our Design Services team today.