What Equipment Should I Include in My Temporary Operation?

It can be challenging to set up a workspace or warehouse in a temporary setting, but in many different industries, the possibility is always there. If workspaces, manufacturing, or warehouses need to be set up quickly, it’s important to use equipment that is easy to assemble but sturdy enough to depend on. At SPC Industrial™, we don’t take that responsibility lightly. We can ensure that any temporary operation is as successful as possible by providing the right equipment and guidance for the endeavor.

What is a Temporary Operation?

Any time a large operation needs to be assembled in a space that one does not normally exist, it is considered a temporary operation. These temporary operations could be in response to natural disasters, medical emergencies, fieldwork, and more. When organizations need an independent, robust place to work, temporary operations are often the answer. We see temporary operations come up across industries, such as:


Probably the most prominent large-scale healthcare need for a temporary operation was caused by the pandemic. Every city and county in the WORLD needed to be able to test patients, provide care, and even create space for hospital overflow during the most trying times of the pandemic. Hospitals needed tents, workspaces, and storage solutions, most of which could be provided by SPC Industrial.

Science and Research

Think of an archaeological dig or an initiative that’s studying the groundwater somewhere, both of these research initiatives will need temporary or semi-permanent solutions for the duration of the project. Projects like these can be incredibly important and needed all over the world, but building a permanent space wouldn’t make sense in many natural landscapes or dig sites. Instead, by using SPC Industrial’s line of temporary shelving, flooring, and even workstations, researchers can do what they need to and leave the natural scenery undisturbed once they are done.


Since construction projects can take months or years, builders need a place to use for work while the project is ongoing. We find that construction companies often use temporary operations and have to work with many companies to ensure they have what they need during their time on-site. By utilizing a workbench or shelving system, workers can store their needed materials for easy on-the-go access. 


It’s not often that a manufacturing site sets up a temporary operation, but it does happen. If a warehouse is flooded or experiences damage from a natural disaster, manufacturing teams are often left scrambling to assemble a temporary operation, allowing their work to continue. In some cases, during a move or remodel, manufacturing teams are required to use temporary operations for part of the process or move storage locations during that time.

Customizing the Space

Every temporary operation will look different. Depending on the size of the team, the duration of the operation, and the required functionality, equipment needs can vary. At SPC Industrial™, we offer a wide range of products to make every temporary operation as successful as possible. Below are some of our most sought-after products for clients who are setting up a temporary operation:

Flooring Products

Working in the dirt, on un-level surfaces, or having grass beneath a workstation is simply unacceptable in most cases. Not only can careless flooring situations increase the risk of injuries, but they can bring pests, dirt, and grime into a workspace, which are as dangerous as they are annoying. For flooring solutions in a temporary operation, check out Poly-Riser™ or Add-A-Level™.

Poly-Riser™ panels offer temporary flooring solutions that are great for pop-up shelters or field offices. Their easy assembly allows them to be fitted for almost any space and their durability can handle heavy machinery, moisture, dirt, and more. Add-A-Level™ platforms are stackable work platforms that can be adjusted to any workstation. They can build horizontally or vertically, providing the perfect ergonomic solution.

Shelving Products

It seems as though there is never enough storage, so we made it easy to add more to any space. DuraShelf® shelving solutions are plastic, industrial storage solutions that are built to last as long as you need them to. Available in grid top or solid top pattern, each shelf is 2-5/8” thick and can be purchased in 2, 3, or 4 shelf units. Containment trays are available on our site and can be used for organizational or safety purposes.

Workstation Products

No matter what a temporary operation is for, the people working need a place to do their jobs. Investing in stable workstations while in a new location can help make the space feel productive and give your employees the right tool they need to get the job done. 

Work-Bench™ can be assembled in multiple ways to accommodate smaller supplies that are used often or house bulk items. Either way, these make the perfect temporary workstations and provide storage simultaneously. Much better than folding tables, many of our clients bring these back to their permanent warehouses after the temporary operation is complete.

Modular-Kart™ is another great option for a mobile workstation that can be moved around with ease. Instead of running back and forth between their desk and their work area, your team can simply bring their desk with them.

Temporary Operations Should Not Feel Temporary

Though we pride ourselves on making products that are easy to assemble and disassemble when the time comes, investing in durable, sturdy solutions for any temporary operation is worth it. Not only are you ensuring the safety of your employees and customers, but you’re creating a space that promotes productivity and streamlines day-to-day processes. Whatever your temporary needs are, reach out to our team today to see how we can get you outfitted to tackle your next challenge!