5 Tips to Improve Workplace Safety

Maintaining workplace safety procedures goes beyond having posters and providing on-board training. The ultimate responsibility of management is to not only create a work environment where safety procedures are practiced in daily routine but to ensure that each worker understands and respects these standards. 

The following strategies are tools to bring safety procedures to light and apply them to day-to-day operations in an efficient manner:

1. Enforce Procedures From Day 1

When onboarding new employees, it’s important to go over workplace safety policies right off the bat and assure that they are understood. At the same time, refresh policy training by reviewing procedures with current workers. Over time, hold individuals accountable and keep track of those who follow procedures correctly. Frequently recognize these workers and offer praise in front of their peers. 

2. Organize Hazardous Materials

Implementing safe storage solutions can enhance workplace safety. Keep hazardous materials off of the ground and up on a shelf with easy-to-read labeling and organization. Leave nothing to chance by training all workers on safe storage procedures and leaving instructions for procedures in plain sight.

3. Update Equipment & Procedures

Over the course of the year, it’s important to audit current machinery, systems, and procedures to evaluate their relevance. Delegate and share audit responsibilities to workers so they are able to survey the process and brush up on policies. As systems and procedures change, hold meetings to relay updated information and update any printed policies throughout the facility. 

4. Keep it Clean

Have a schedule in place to clean the work area often. Clean floor surfaces prevent slipping hazards, and clean storage solutions prevent the possibility of items falling off of shelves or becoming too crowded. Frequent cleaning also provides an opportunity to check any chemical containers for leaks, cracks or overall wear down. 

5. Adhere to Ergonomic Requirements

Physical strain can lead to injury. Ergonomic needs remain an important factor in promoting a safe workplace. By offering products like work platforms, employees can be lifted to the correct ergonomic height. Consider anti-fatigue and anti-slip matting to prevent falls while also providing a comfortable solution for workers who are on their feet throughout the day. Utilize foot ladders to access stored items on higher shelves, and mobile workstations to move large and heavy objects with ease. Every bit counts, so keep an open dialogue with employees to assure their needs are being met.

At SPC Industrial™, we understand the importance of workplace safety. Ergonomics plays a huge role in keeping workers safe on the job, and that’s why we specialize in ergonomic equipment for industrial use. We believe in fitting the workstation to the employee, not the employee to the workstation. To learn more about our products, view our website.