Add-A-Level™ 66″ x 16″

Add-A-Level 66″ x 16″ platforms are modular, stackable work platforms that can be easily adapted to any workstation. Build horizontally or vertically to provide the perfect ergonomic fit.

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Provide perfect ergonomic work solutions with Add-A-Level 66" x 16" platforms.Add-A-Level work platforms are lightweight, modular, and stackable. Featuring convenient no-tool assembly, they can be easily adapted to raise workers to the appropriate working height. Customize your workstation by adding 2-7/8" tall Base Units that can be connected to build out horizontally and add multiple 2-5/8" tall Add-On Units to increase the height of the platform. Anti-fatigue matting is available to help increase worker productivity. Matting is available in all black or black with a safety yellow border to increase visibility. Base Units include rubber feet that help stabilize the platform. Add-On Units include all necessary Stacker components to connect them to other Add-A-Level units. All matting includes mat plugs to properly secure them to Add-A-Level units. Maximum weight capacity is 250 lbs per 30" work area. Add-A-Level is made from chemical resistant HDPE plastic and features a grid pattern that allows liquids and debris to pass through.