OSHA Color Codes for Chemical Storage

Many chemicals can look or even smell the same, and it is dangerous to guess what the contents of a container might be. That is why OSHA, EPA, and DOT all have requirements labeling containers.

Our Containment Trays can establish another form of labeling for our 24-inch wide DuraShelf® units. With 5 tray colors available, you can clearly mark shelves with OSHA certified color codes to keep chemicals organized, employees safe, and most importantly prevent cross-contamination between shelves.

Here is a breakdown of OSHA-approved color-coding for chemical storage:

Chart that list what each color containment tray should be used for.
  • [Red] Flammability is the ability of a chemical to burn or ignite, causing fire or combustion.
  • [Blue] A Health Hazard is any chemical that can pose a threat to an individual’s physical health.
  • [Yellow] Instability hazards are susceptible to dangerous decomposition.
  • [White] A contact hazard is a chemical that presents a health hazard through contact with the skin or eyes.
  • [Black] General storage is any product or chemical that doesn’t pose a safety hazard.